Tuesday, October 2, 2007


My son, my firstborn, my Jace turned 12 today. I don't even know how to describe how I feel about this kid. Wow, Amazing, Brilliant, Giving, Creative, Strong, Wise, and Godly are some ways to express my love and admiration for him. This kid has overcome and become so much in his life. I can't wait to see what the next twelve years bring.
At four Jace couldn't talk. He was attending a severe needs special education school. We were thrilled when he learned how to sign for juice when he was 4. I remember the struggle I had as a mom, wondering what did I do? What can I do? My heart yearned to hear, "mommy" He was 4 going on 5. Still no words. Silent, but listening. I remember those words, those piercing words that came from his teacher,"Steffany, I really think something is seriously wrong, I've been noticing some behaviors, mannerisms, I think it's time. He needs to see a neurologist and I don't think he will ever be able to be mainstreamed(normal school)." A deafening scream pierced my soul, "NO". My motherly instinct took over. It told me they were wrong, everyone was wrong!
I started researching, reading and praying! I noticed his eyes, they weren't right- I took him without insurance, without knowing where I was going to come up with the $ to the best place I could find. I took him to a well known place in LA, an eye institute. After all those years, no one ever thought to test his eyes. It made sense, language comes from labeling or identifying seen things. My baby couldn't see, his world was distorted. I said, "look Jace a cat" he saw a blob. A blurry blob that looked liked everything else. That's why he showed severe autistic behaviors.
Nothing was safe to him, except mommy and daddy. When the Doc. showed me how my baby saw the world I cried. How did I not know this? After he got his incredibly thick glasses a few weeks later- The world forever changed for this kid. We have a video of his first sight- It's a tear jerker as you watch him "see" for the first time. The way he looked at us, his toys and Star Wars.
Well, now he talks all the time, he tells us he has to make up for lost time! Just a few highlights:
  • By six, he had already created his first Trading card game, Green Force- complete with rules, and design. We "produced them".
  • By seven, he created his first comic that was produced"Cop Boy" And was reading novels like Harry Potter and How To win Friends and Influence People.
  • At nine, he asked me, "mom, has anyone ever read the bible from front to back?"
  • By ten he had his second comic produced and sold it specifically to raise money for a kid dying with cancer. He wanted the kid to go to Disneyland. Oh, yeah he finished the old Testament. He also made life changes due to what he read in the bible. He threw away his Harry Potter books. Jace: Mom, God showed me last night that witchcraft is wrong, I want to get rid of these books. Mom: Gee Jace, I like Harry Potter, should I give it up? Jace: Mom, you make your own choice, but for me, I need to do this.
  • By eleven, he read the bible from front to back and stated his next goal was to do it again. "I know the Lord will show me even more." He also told me he prayed and the lord told him we are to adopt from Liberia.
And now he's 12! Even with all that said, he is still a typical kid, with typical challenges and I love him! Look what God has done! Jace's short life reminds me to, focus on the goal, don't believe what "the experts say", stay true to your heart, and to follow God.
Please help me celebrate and wish him a happy birthday.


ccmccoy said...

Happy Birthday Jace! I met you at Rock the Desert this year and you seem like a pretty cool guy! Your mom sounds very proud of all of your accomplishments. I am pretty impressed as well! Keep up the great spirit and have a wonderful birthday!

Christi McCoy

Fantastic Four said...

HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY JACE!!! You guys continue to amaze me. YOU are a huge blessing! Hope you all have a wonderful day celebrating and lots of yummy CAKE! HUGS from the Flottmann clan!

Jo said...

Happy Birthday Jace!! This is from you Grandma JO who is so excited about getting to meeet you at last in just a few days!!! Your special Mom searched me out and I am so grateful! I can't wait to meet the whole family. I had tears in my eyes reading your story but then what awesome miracles God created in your life so far! And just think of what will be in the years ahead. "Oh the places you will go!"

HollyAnn said...

Happy Birthday Jace! What awesome plans God has for you to bring you through so much in such a short time!

Emily said...

Happy Birthday Jace :) I don't know you, but you sound like a remarkable kid!

Rainy Conversation said...

Happy birthday Libra's!

Leah said...

Jace you are the most incredible child I know in this whole world. You don't realize it now, but God has blessed you with spiritual gifts that have already allowed you to experience God in such a way most adults only pray they could. Thank you for being steadfast, full of grace, and abounding in wisdom and faithfulness. I love you Jaceman. You are a delight to watch grow. I can't believe next year is the big 13! YIKES!

Aunt Leah

Brandi said...

2 amazing things: first, that picture!! Awesome! Second, your sweet son. Please tell him that I pray that my sons will be like him. I pray that they will follow after the Lord and pursue Holiness from a young age. Thank you for your sweet example, Jace.