Friday, September 28, 2007

The Mistake That Didn't Happen

We had a special visitor today. I owe this lady a lot. More than I remembered. When Adam and I were expecting our first child, (12 years ago)- We were young and scared to death! We had only been married a month or two when we discovered-TaDa, We are pregnant! Oh my, Oh my- We went to the Doctor (who shall not be named) and met Her. Sue, our nurse, our protector, our friend! She was wonderful, always smiled, always caring and always reassuring! Every month for my visit and numerous phone calls in between she listened. She prayed for us, she gave me her daily prayer for the day when I came in. I think she was as scared as we were. We were young, poor, just married. Adam knew the Lord, I did not! It was a hard pregnancy, we lost our son's twin early on, I was bleeding constantly and Adam was gone a lot with his band. She was always there though. We ended up on Oct 2nd giving birth to an amazing blessing, all 8.5Ibs. of Jaceman! We kept in contact with Sue. She ended up inviting us to her church. Adam became the Worship Pastor, I eventually became a children's pastor and yes, I gave my life over to Christ! Thanks Sue! Well, we have kept in sporadic touch through the years. We moved to Missouri from Los Angeles a few years ago, but I have thought of her often.
Guess what?
Sue and her husband came to our house this morning in Missouri. They are traveling across the U.S. on their motorcycle-How cool. It was great to see her! She looked the same, with her beautiful smile and loving arms. Wow! Anyway we started talking and she said it was such joy to see us with our 4 children, considering I almost had my tubes tied after Jace! "WHAT" I completely forgot, but Our Doctor(who shall not be named) almost had us convinced to do this.
We knew back then, we wanted to adopt- We were okay with becoming sterile- Heck- I was 21.
Do you think I would be in any frame of mind to decide this? Especially, after 36 hours of completely natural childbirth . Good for us that Sue was listening and put a stop to that idea. We were cash patients(no insurance) so he could have pocketed the $. I guess, I'm happy to know we wanted to adopt 12 years ago, but more than anything- Thank you Sue, thank you for being my first obgyn nurse, thank you for inviting us to church and thank you for helping us avoid the biggest mistake that Never happened!


Fantastic Four said...

Incredible story! Thanks for posting that! You always have a WOW factor in your posts...I love it!

Dani said...

What an awesome testimony!
It's amazing to me how God always works things out perfectly.