Monday, October 29, 2007

Big News!

I've spent the last few weeks trying to process all that has happened lately. In January I was browsing the internet looking at all the kids needing homes in foster care. We knew we wanted to adopt from Africa, but also felt led to here in America as well. I came across a picture and a bio of a kid and I couldn't stop looking at it. He was 11 years old, African-American, and desperately wanting a family. When we first thought about adoption, I never imagined an 11 year old boy. So right there, I knew; God must be calling us to this kid. We finally got to meet him in June. After I met him, I got down on my knees and asked the Lord,"Are you sure, I am scared, I don't know him, he's been through a lot, he's 4 days younger than my son, bigger than me, has learning disabilities and could easily overpower any of us." God's answer was simple, Yes! and trust in Me not your fear. So, for the last 5 months we have spent a lot of time with him, full weekends and a long trip to Florida. I knew after the Florida trip, we would know for sure what we would want to do. We had a lot of fun at Disney, but a lot of arguing and fighting amongst the kids. I was tired of mediating silly, pointless fighting. Even with all of that; when it was time to return him to his foster parents, we still felt that same feeling we felt every time he leaves- Wait, don't take him, he belongs here with us!
The big news is:
He will be joining our family at Christmas! Here in Missouri you have to Foster to Adopt. Meaning we have to foster him for six months before we can adopt him. But we already consider him to be a part of our family.

How am I feeling now? Still scared. Still working on trusting God's plan . And finally, I feel grateful. Grateful for all that God has done and continues to do in my life.


Fantastic Four said...

How cool is that? Well CONGRATULATIONS to you all! We can't wait to meet him! I so want to see you again SOON!?!?

HollyAnn said...

That is awesome news!!! I have been dying to know how the Florida trip went, and now I know! Congratulations!

Dani said...

That is so wonderful! Congratulations!! I know the feelings involved and you are so right to trust in the Lord. He will get you through and give you the wisdom to parent your new son.



I know people in glass houses, etc, etc, but... will your daughter be safe with him around?

steffany said...

Rainy, As much as I would like to say
100% all my children will be safe- I can't there is always the unknown. However, given what I know and the relationship we've built with him over the last five months and the strict boundaries we have in place, I feel at peace about the safety issue.
That does not mean, I will let my guard down or enter into the situation blindly. Even with all his challenges he has faced-He has a good heart, an amazing conscious, and a strong sense of right from wrong.
More importantly than anything though-I trust the Lord.

steffany said...

I just wanted to say thanks for looking out for us though. From what I can tell- You and I have been through similar life experiences and because of those, you can be sure I cherish my girls and their safety.

Emily said...

How wonderful!!!!!!!!!!! We are so happy for you!

Brandi said...

Amazing. . .I'm dying to read more. . . how will this end? Your blog is like a great book!