Monday, October 15, 2007

It's 7:30, I got the kids in bed and just finished packing. We leave at 2:00am for Florida! We are taking a foster kid we provide respite for. This is his first time leaving his state, riding on a plane and going to Disney World. We feel very blessed to share this with him. We love this kid a lot.
It's now 8:45 and he just came up to tell us,"I'm trying to fall asleep, it's just too hard, I'm going to Disney World". How cool is that- My heart is melting!

We had our Skate board competition this weekend. It was awesome watching all the kids

Eating pizza on the cop car!

Grandpa Eddie and Bella.

Chris landing a handplant!

Alex- A skater for Untitled Skate boards- He's helping us with our ministry



adam said...

Go Jace Go! I'm so proud you for breaking down the mental wall, and busting out some sweet skate moves!

HollyAnn said...

Is Bella yours??? That is one BIG lizard! We don't even have them that big in Texas! :)

Will be praying for you guys on your trip! What a blessing you are to this guy and I know he is to you also!

Lisa said...

That is so great you are doing a skateboard ministry for the neighborhood kids! My boys have been skateboarding for many years and in the last 2 years have been blessed to find a christian skatepark in our area. That's a novelty in the skate world. Judd Heald of Untitled Skateboards is such an inspiration! Thanks for sharing!

Fantastic Four said...

GREAT PICTURES!! You have a thing for strange creatures don't you??? Can't wait to hear about your FL trip! I am jealous!

Laura Grote said...

Steffany, I believe you have the coolest, hippest, most wonderful family in the world. David asked about you guys yesterday...Mom, why can't we see the cousins today...when do we get to see them again...I want to play video games with Jace! I hope you have a super time in Florida. What an adventure. We love you guys!

Dani said...

Cool pictures! Have fun at Disney World:)