Thursday, May 19, 2011

Keeping it Real...

In the past year you have helped us raise over 30 thousand dollars! Right now in our account we have $100 that is usable. Where has the money gone? What exactly did we accomplish?

To date:

WE have given over $14,000 to Doma for stage one of the holistic women's health center in the remote village of Bora. About 2k was used to fund a possible life saving surgery on a mother.

WE have given $5,000 to Project Hopeful for their Sisterhood Project. A group home for mommas and their children with HIV.

WE have given $1500 to MOPS INTERNATIONAL to start a program in Ethiopia. We are still needing $8000 more to fund it.

WE covered the cost to bring a woman to Ethiopia with us who has stage 4 cancer and was given 6-12 months to live (on her list of stuff to do was volunteer in a third world country) Cost $2000

WE payed out about $2000 for our staff in Ethiopia.

WE have given over $4000 to the refugees who make the headbands

WE have provided assistance to several mom's and their needs both locally and in Africa about $3000

WE have traveled to Ethiopia 2 times and have 2 more trips scheduled this year. Cost about $9000

WE have bought fabric and supplies to help us fundraise at well over $1500

WE purchased birthing kit supplies at over $1000

On average I spend 15-30 hours a week working on BEMM stuff.

As you can see more was spent than raised. To make up the difference, Amy paints pictures and uses part of her money she earns to help fund things, Jodie has payed for many things out of her own pocket and personally donates to every campaign we have, I (Steffany) have sold my car, my clothes, my furniture, and lived off of $50 a week for our family of 8 to make sure that we do what it is we say we are going to do.


I believe in being transparent with our organization. I want you to know where every dime goes. This is also a plea for help.

Here's the thing. We are kind of stuck in a cycle. We hear of a need, we respond and act. PERIOD. We don't look at our fi,nances. We are moved to help. We are not a non-for profit. We don't have the 2k needed to become one, as soon as we start saving for it..what do you know another need comes up that no-one else is handling. This week alone I have been contacted by two universities who want to do grant writing for us, but since we aren't a legit non-profit, we can't take advantage of the offers. There are business's that want to donate, but once again...we are not a legit non-profit.

Funny thing is...I'm not asking for donations to become fact, it's not on the top of my priority list. What making a difference in individual lives.

This week alone we were told about two mommas. Both of them are the bio-moms to two different adoptive mom's children. They are both dying and need immediate medical care. Gedese and Alex (our in country staff and BEMM's first momma) will care for them in their home and take them to the hospital for treatment which we will pay for. From past experience we know it will be on average $2500 per woman to help them. (depending on what needs to be done, length of stay, etc..)

On top of that we still need $8000 to fund the MOPS program in Ethiopia which will directly impact 100's of mommas lives through mentorship, health care, micro loans, etc..

We are also starting a midwife training program (cost to be determined)

Opening a group home for pregnant street mommas in Nekemte

Continuing our Birthing Kit program cost of $400 per month.

Before we can even think about spending money on a non- profit license...these mommas need help NOW!

We NEED you.

If you have a blog, FB or twitter..please spread the word of what we do at least once a week. Link to our site. Make a website badge for your blog.

If you are creative think about making products for us to sell.

Commit to selling 10 Tacky headbands to your friends this month or 10 of our "Simple Cards"

Donate. Any and all amounts help! Are largest single donation was $1000 or smallest was $5.00- They were both equally appreciated.

Have a garage sale, a lemonade stand, organize a 5k run, put a jar in your business, talk to your local birthing center or OB/GYN...

You really are saving lives.

My last trip to Ethiopia I met Gedese's momma. Gedese is the pregnant mom that lived with me for a year. Gedese and her daughter both almost died during childbirth. Gedese's mom has had to bury several of her children and would have had to bury another daughter. I can't begin to describe the feelings I had when I was standing there by one of my dearest friends, her mother and a precious toddler that would be dead today if nobody stood up and cried out, "I will help".


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