Monday, May 2, 2011

The $10 Journey

It begins here
My change jar.

I save and use this to buy....
carefully thought out fabric patterns.

On average I spend $30-$60

It then goes here

to Yorinimu and his wife Rosa or other local African refugees through City of Refuge.
Yorinimu lost his first wife in a refugee camp and made him sole provider to his 5 children.
He met Rosa in the states. They live in a modest apartment and rely on Rosa's income at a local factory and are grateful for the extra income provided by BEMM.
We pay them $4.00 per headband.
I pay them upfront to give them the immediate income they need.
Average payment is $300-400 for a stash like this

I then bust butt hustling them on Facebook, blog and various businesses.

Then the rest is up to YOU.
Yes. You.
You pay
$10 for a headband

and have Tacky 4 Africa headband parties....

Have your furry friends wear them...

Give them to the men in your life...

Wear them at Disney World

Sell them at conventions

give them to adorable babies

wear them in Africa

buy them because....

know that your $10 will go here.

developing a holistic center to help these mommas through Doma

raising money to provide medical care for these mommas

purchasing chickens and building a chicken coop to help this momma create a sustainable life..

Deliver birthing kits to mommas in Uganda, Congo, and Ethiopia

Providing hope to this mom and dad who only want a chance to prosper

partnerships with organizations to bring aid to this great grandmother caring for her great grand kids because everyone has died from AIDS and a single mom with HIV.

This local mom who delivered a surprise baby on Christmas Day

A birthing kit to this mom we met walking 10 miles with 80 pounds of grain on her back at 8 months pregnant. We will also provide any medical care her or her baby may need.

helped pay the way for this beautiful 27 year old stage 4 cancer woman travel to Africa with us.

kept this grandma from having to bury another child.
Gedese (the mom who lived with me for a year and her baby Christiana visiting Grandma for the first time in almost 2 years)

Bring hope to the village where this young lady is from in the form of a town ambulance and midwifery training. Without either one...she would be one of the 4 women out of 10 that die due to pregnancy related causes.

doesn't seem like much...
a headband.
a card.
a donation.

it really does make a difference.

(Occasionally we have special pieces that someone has made or donated to us that we sell for more).

In our shop currently at

We have
A one of a kind hanging quilt made by Clara Lawrence.

Be a part of the $10 journey.
Change a life today

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Paula said...

Perfect post. Hope you put this on the BEMM site too... I'm going there right now to check.