Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Six Feet Under or Completely Over it.

I've had a few people ask how I am doing since my last few posts have thankfully been non-medical ones. Let's see...I continue to get stronger everyday. I have gained all my weight back. The doctors still haven't been able to pinpoint what exactly the problem was. We are still waiting for some test results. The weakness seems to come and go. I'm still not back to my daily routine. Yesterday was a rough day. I thought I was going to collapse after walking up the stairs from tucking the boys in. I had to go straight to bed. Yet, today I was able to do a little shopping, which is something I haven't done for over 3 weeks. This illness has definitely brought my family together. My mom came everyday for a week to help until she caught the swine flu from Lukas. Please pray for her. She is really sick and because of my weakened immune system I haven't been able to help or see her. My step dad finished the huge chalkboard in the kitchen so the little ones would have something to do while I've been in bed. My bio-dad drove here from St. Louis to visit me in the hospital and since then he has called me every single day to check on me. He even sent me a huge care package in the mail complete with food and warm happy socks. My step mom has graciously offered to drive here on Thanksgiving with my dad, brother and sister to bring and prepare dinner for everyone, including my mom, step dad, Adam's father, and our new friends from Jamaica. My mother in law and my husband's uncles have checked in almost daily to see how we are all doing. Adam leaves for Vegas this week. I am a little nervous because what ever it is I have seems so unpredictable. I am still boycotting the medicine the cardiologist prescribed which probably seems foolish to many people, but I am getting better. And I do feel like given all the information I have it continues to be the best choice for me. My doctor(not the cardiologist) did tell me, "by the time the tests results come back, you'll either be six feet under or completely over it and the chances of never knowing what you have is likely." Umm.. I'll take the feeling better option.
Again, thank you so much for all your prayers and messages.


Sean and Lisa said...

So glad you've been ministered to by those being the Hands and Feet of Jesus to you. Praying for you as Adam heads to Vegas.
Wish I was closer I'd love to come, anoint you with oil and pray healing over you!!
Praying for you in PA!!!!

Lory Howlett said...

Glad you're better! But don't push yourself, Sister!

Beautiful Mess said...

Thanks for the update! Still praying! To God be the glory!


Wendy said...

Hey Steff, don't hesitate to call or text me if you need ANYTHING while Adam is gone. Obviously I work in the evenings and may not be all that helpful, but during the daytime please feel free!

crispy said...

Sweet friend, I am sorry you have been so sick. Praying you are completely over it.

*Overflowing* said...

Still praying for you sweet friend! Just take it slow and rest!!! HUGS!!