Friday, January 16, 2009

Toddler Revelations Today

6:00am- I hear clankity clank. After getting out of bed I see Princess Xia. She is dressed in full princess attire including plastic high heels and is dancing around having a grand time.

me: Xia(2), what are you doing? Everyone is asleep.
Xia: I a princess momma.
me: Well.. princesses are not allowed out of bed until 8:00am
Xia: Oh.

Driving in car-

Lukas(3): Mom when are Diezel and and Xia leaving?
Me: Leaving? umm..never.
Lukas: Oh.


While painting with water colors. The toddlers each had their own set of paints. Diezel kept taking Lukas and Xia's paint.

Diezel: MINE!
Me: Diezel everyone has their own.
Diezel: Oh


crispy said...

It should be...pitter patter of little feet. Not clankity clank.

Enjoy it none the less. =)

Brandi said...

oh I think clinkety clank is definitely the sound of those crazy plastic hugh heels!!! Gracie got them for Christmas and she AND Davis wear them all the time!!

Love those stories and love you!

Paula said...

I just love kids. Thanks for making me smile.

Laura said...

Laughing, especially at Luke. Bless him! I wonder if he is a little concerned because Gadese is leaving??? Hugs to all of you!