Sunday, January 18, 2009

I Love This Girl!

I love this girl!

It was Faith's 8th birthday today. She is my can-do girl. She is the official battery changer, critter catcher, toy fixer of the house who happens to love to wear pretty dresses. She has such a beautiful personality. Her enthusiasm and excitement for the simplest things (like candy:) is contagious.

We celebrated with grandparents at Chuck E Cheese.

Grandpa Coop and Xia

Diezel trying to sneak left over cake.

Faith and McKayley with her birthday present.

The crew. Sunday night is a great time to go to Chuckie's. We were 13 of the 20 people there.

Jace being the coolest 13 year old boy around dancing in front of the blue screen with Faith.


Kelly said...

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl, I love this age...Is that an American Girl Doll? We sure love those around this house. Lots of fun! Glad you had fun at Chuck's. I agree, timing is essential! We like it, too, when the timing is right.

crispy said...

Happy Birthday Faith. Looks like a great party and a fun time.

Leah Dooley said...

Happy Birthday ye of not so little Faith! Get it? Haha! I'm a dork. Go Jace with your wicked dance moves, crazy facial expressions while singing & complete oblivion to the fact that we are always filming your obsession with the blue screen!

emily said...

Happy Birthday!! :)

Emily said...

Happy Birthday Faith! Looks like you all had some great family time :)