Saturday, July 16, 2011

On a Personal Note

You all know I have had a ton of health issues.
From Typhoid fever, Hep A, Giardia, Tissue parasites, myocarditis, high blood pressure, IBS, etc...

I also refuse to allow the way I feel to dictate my life.
I brought home 8 pound, 2 year old twins, a sick pregnant woman (who spoke no English) and was sick beyond words....
I have learned to live with whatever challenges my body presents.
About 8 weeks before my last trip to Ethiopia, I ended up in urgent care after vomiting blood, losing weight, fevers and pain (unfortunately...nothing new)
They found a 5cm mass on my ovary.
I was happy they found something with all my health issues.
I know it's weird..
I had an endoscope...nothing was found, but they stretched my esophagus because it was skinny.
I went to my OB/gyn...They couldn't find the mass and assumed it was a cyst that burst.
I then went to Ethiopia.
I was doubled over in pain and bled the whole time.
8 weeks later...nothing has changed.
I went back to OB
They gave me a biopsy and scheduled surgery
Since then...
I heard a glorious word..
I'm still bleeding.
I still need surgery.
I also broke my ribs last week.
I'm healing from my broken foot.
Still have GI issues
Going to Physical Therapy

I hiked over a mountain in Africa on a broken foot, bleeding and thinking I had cancer.


I am more than this body.
I am more than who I am told...
I am what I believe.
Which will always be more than what I feel


kateaton said...

wow, that's such an encouraging post! I've struggled with many chronic health issues for years, chronic fatigue syndrome, GI issues, immune problems. But all along God has been planting dreams in my heart about having more babies, adopting and getting involved in orphan ministry. The longings only grow, but make no sense in light of how I feel. I've been waiting for healing in order to do anything, but have wondered whether God was calling me to start living a little more right now. I'm not sure what that means for me, but I need to reevaluate. thank you for sharing your hardships, may you be blessed in your faithfulness to God in these challenges.

Andrea said...

Praying for you!

Adam said...

You are a champion!
I know it's not easy at all sometimes, as a matter of fact it's never been EASY, but you have overcome in the midst!
I'm SO proud of you Steffany