Friday, July 8, 2011

The "Feel Good" Post

There is a fine line between sharing honest emotions when telling a story for the purpose to educate and using a story to propaganda an agenda....

I constantly fail at this. The line is so fuzzy. I write to share. I write to educate. I write for an agenda. I'm told that I inspire people to want to get involved and then in the same breath that I use guilt to get what I want. Many times I erase a post after spending hours writing it, because I fear I crossed that line.

Do I write the truth in-spite that I may cross the line? My heart and mind is so intertwined in emotion, agenda, purpose and story that I can't separate any of it.

I pray and hope that those who know me...understand that I have an agenda...I may offend you. I may cross the line. You may feel guilt reading what I write. You will also know that my intentions are pure. My heart desires nothing more than to serve. In my total abandon to the call in front of me...I might not write a "Feel Good" post...

I have 2 months to raise 35k.

I will write. I will speak. I will share. I will offend. I will inspire. I will lose friends. Some people will answer the call. Some people will leave me. I will not hold back. I will blur the line between education and guilt.


Because I refuse to allow my own comfort to come before doing what needs to be done.

Everyone can make a difference! The "can" is not the variable ...The "if" and "when" are up to you


Ransomed~Redeemed said...

Preach it sister! I love your heart of service. Praying that I will "spend" myself on the poor and hear well done by the Father.

Laurie said...

Steff, share it. Tell it. Yell it from the roof tops! Lines are always blurred. We all have an agenda whether we know it or not. Or more importantly, acknowledge it or not. People are tired of hearing me talk about orphans. Im not speaking so much through the Internet now as I am through voicing it to those around me face to face, person to person and anyone who will is within hearing distance. I have people who say, " well, let me go get another beer before I hear any more." never to turn. I have to laugh. It takes them out of their comfort zones. Takes them into unchartered territories. Keep sharing. Keep planting those seeds. One day they, we will come face to face with reality. One day, they/we will come face to face with THE ONE. I my friend, want to hear, "Well done my good and faithful servant. You spoke up for those who had no voice. You tried to make a change. You moved when I said move. You were my hands and feet.". Thats the ONE I'm trying to please, just as I KNOW THAT I KNOW THAT I KNOW (no, I'm not yelling just placing emphasis) that that's who you are trying to please and who you are doing it for. God gave you a mission and you are moving and making change. No, we may not be where you are at, sacrificing to the degree you are sacrificing and that makes me feel guilty. Not because You make me feel that way but the conviction of the Holy Spirit saying do you really need (you fill in the blank). That may be others as well. Know my friend that I will always support you, even if all I have to offer is prayer. I love you Steff. I want to have your courage, your faith, your tenacity to move into action. I'm praying it for myself because with out Him, I know you couldn't do it and I want it! I want to be out in the middle of the battle with you. Praising God for your sweet life and thankful that I can call you friend.

Laurie Enoch