Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Back to Basic

Mother Teresa tells us a simple smile is the basics of peace.

We all know the basics....
The ABC's
The 123's
Most of us know
The golden rule.
The 1o Commandments.
"Live simply so others can simply live"
Eat less
Exercise more
"Count your blessings everyday"
"A healthy heart is a happy heart"
The basics
are pretty simple

When my children are crying they desire nothing more than a simple hug. When they fall down they need maybe a basic band-aid for their booboos. When I have had a rough day just hearing a simple encouragement like a basic,"I am sorry you are hurting and I love you" means everything to me....When my soul is thirsty, I simply and humbly go back to the basics of my faith.
If the basics are so simple
and if we can simply live by the basics
then why do so many of us (me)
simply walk away from the basics of what can help so many simply live?

Because Every Mother Matters was started over three years ago after Brandi and I read about how women give birth in Uganda. It was simply a heartfelt response to meet the basic needs of mommas. We learned that women and children were dying needlessly due to simple needs of basic materials.
Please read what started it all here
You can see the very first kits delivered here

Since then BEMM has delivered a many kits...
and raised 10,000's of dollars for amazing organizations

Somewhere along the way though we got lost .... We forgot. Yes. Health Care Centers are needed
and Programs help but
often times it comes down to needing the basics to simply live.

$10 provides the basics needed for a mom and her child to simply live.

It's not much
It's simple really
A plastic sheet
A sterile blade
a chord
A blanket and cap

Basic stuff

Every minute of every day, a woman dies from complications related to pregnancy or childbirth.

99% of these deaths occur in developing countries.

In Ethiopia the lifetime risk of dying in pregnancy or childbirth is 1 in 7.

An estimated 1 million young children die shortly after the death of their mother.

"There are “six cleans” that make up a clean birth: clean hands, clean perineum, clean delivery surface, clean cord cutting implement, clean cord tying, and clean cord care."

Because Every Mother Matters is going back to the basics. $10 will provide the basics so mommas can simply live. This Mother's Day We are humbled to share with you our Back to Basic greeting card It's not much really. It's just a simple card...
Basic really. blank inside. 1 in 7 mommas whose futures are unwritten... waiting for someone to fill in the blanks...

This Mother's Day
Give a $10 simply made card
to provide the basics
for a mom to simply live.

Simply order your Back to Basic Cards to the right of my blog or on the BEMM website

It's simple.
One card provides the basics to help a momma simply live.
No fluff
No glitter
Just the basics.


Dawn said...

These are FABULOUS!!!!! LOVE them!!!

Molly said...

love these! will purchase them soon! Btw, if you ever need an extra body to come on a trip with you.... I feel that I need to go to Africa or Russia or the Ukraine to DO something. Physically DO something tangible to help. Also, I used to be an EMT, which is sort of, kind of, a helpful skill.