Monday, June 8, 2009

The Winner!!!!!And Another Chance!!!

My extremely high tech way of deciding the winner.
Your names got placed into the brown paper sack (1 entry for every $10.)
Then my incredibly talented son reached into the bag and chose a winner.
Before I announce the winner-I would like the wonderful ladies that participated to know how much I appreciate you.
I'm personally donating another $10. with each of your names on it for another chance to win the raffle for 7 different items on this awesome mom's blog that is also trying to raise money for Josiah. So even if you didn't win this raffle-You are still in the running for even more great prizes.
What's the catch?
Nothing really...
Maybe you could just spread the word about Josiah. Pray for him, his family and if you feel led post about the other raffle on your blog.

And now without further announcements.......

Congratulations Jenny!!!

Here are the amazing ladies who will be entered into the raffle on My Cup Overfloweth


Jenny said...

Just to prove that God hears our prayers, I prayed to win because I wanted to give the purse back to you as a way of saying how much I appreciate all you've done for Liberia (I remember), your twins, Gadese and now Josiah! You obviously loved the purse (so do I, I may ask for one for Christmas) but I really want the purse to be for you! This also means that you have to keep it now since it's my gift to you. (You can't raffle it again!)
God bless you and thanks for raising money for Josiah!

It's still fun winning - thanks!

steffany said...

I am standing here humble and in awe of your sweet spirit and God's love.

This purse has even more meaning now.WOW!

I would never dream of raffling it again:)

Thank you so much beautiful lady.

*Overflowing* said...

Okay, now that I'm here in tears...God, you are truly amazing!!

The story of Josiah keeps getting awesomer and awesomer and NO, awesomer is not a real word but today it is :)

Candace said...

YEAH JENNY! That is so funny, I was going to give the purse back to you too if I won!

Much love to you and I WILL spread the word about this precious little boy!

Kari said...

Awwwwww maybe next time:))) Way to go Jenny & your comment is so precious!!
Steffany, Thank you for adding my name to another really cool contest!! I really do want one of the bags... help me know where to get one again. I got bloggy lost:)
THANK YOU...this was fun!!
Your spirit for adoption is contagious!!