Thursday, June 11, 2009

Lost and Found

A few days ago I put a plea out on Facebook for the return of Momo; Diezel's trusted stuffed monkey. He Lost him over 4 days ago. It's one thing for any child to lose a precious "lovey" (the name we call their special things), but for your adopted child, it really is unimaginable. Diezel's Momo was his first toy. His first possesion. His first friend and yes his first attachment. Before he started seeking me out for comfort, he would often turn to Momo. Momo stayed with him in the hospital. Momo stayed with him through all the tests that poked his little non-understanding body. Momo stayed by his side. Momo was my sign that Diezel could love. That Diezel did desire affection. Momo became much more than a stuffed monkey-To me and Diezel that little furry lovey became hope.

Here's the facebook "ad" we published with help from the rest of the family-

Lost: One best friend. Goes by the name of "MOMO". Description:a very worn out, but loved stuffed monkey that was carried everywhere by a sweet little boy from Africa who found his home here in America with us. MOMO has been a constant companion and has even selflessly stayed many nights in a hospital bed comforting the sweet little boy from Africa. If found please contact Diezel-ASAP.

I know this may sound extrememly corny, but I believe because of the people that prayed over such a "silly" request that Momo was found.
He was found safe and sound by our hero-Diezel's daddy!

It was such a sweet reunion.
I am happy to report that Diezel did hug me after Momo was found. Lesson: Never underestimate the power of prayer and the joy that a little monkey can bring.


crispy said...

Yeah...I did pray that you would find Momo. God is good.

Leah Dooley said...

I remember how heart broken I was when I lost Little Foot as a teenager! We put up signs all over Joel's neighborhood pleading for whoever found him to return him to me. No one ever did. BUT...if you remember Joel replaced him with a new one and it was like we had never parted. I COMPLETELY understand how strong that attachment can become. I'm so so glad you found him. I'm glad you took pics, too. I still have pics of me walking into my bedroom and seeing Little Foot on the bed. I ran to him & did just what Diezel did in his picture.

P.S. Diezel is looking so big! He's really growing into a little boy. Can't wait to see you guys next month!! Can we say Nerd Rope?

Kari said...

OHHHHHHH we are soo happy Momo is safe & sound. I will tell you... my heart broke when we lost Zoie's blankie a month ago. I kept it with me day & night for 10 months... we took it to Ethiopia. She loves her pink cheeta blankie (she didn't make a name up yet:) We have hunted all our hang out spots, but its still lost. Its very precious to me.
We'll post on FB & pray!!!
Great story & pics!

*Overflowing* said...

Woohoo...thank you, Lord, for being in the small things...thank you for loving us so much to supply our EVERY need!!!

I am soooo happy you found rock daddy!

amber g said...

awwwww, what a sweetie -- he's getting SO big! We know ALL about loveys around here... but ours are blankies. Jo's "nee-nee" was once lost for three days and it was a crisis of gigantic proportion.
Glad Momo is home safe and sound. :-)

Anonymous said...