Friday, August 29, 2008

Swallowed Whole

How I feel this this week.


Sean and Lisa said...

Oh my! Boy do I understand that feeling. Don't worry, God protected and rescued Jonah and I know He'll do the same for you! :)
Just keep holding tight. He's got you right where He wants you....looking to Him to carry you thru.

Major Mom said...

Me too, girl.

Brandi said...

Sweet friend, I am sorry. . .Remember that when Jonah was swallowed whole that he met with God in there. . .I pray the same is true for you. . in the midst of craziness that you will hear the voice of the Lord. . be it through one of your children's voices, a song on the radio or just His still small voice speaking directly to your heart. Love you much.


crispy said...

Sorry friend.

Laura said...

yeah, you've had a hard week...but you have been handling everything well. even when it was unprecedented territory. you're a good mom...keep on!

i'm here for ya! :)