Wednesday, January 20, 2016

The Secret on How to Be Loved...

Stuff was coming up on my "how to catch a guy", "how to keep a guy", "how to make him love you"...
After I spit the vomit out of my mouth...I then half laughed and cried at same time. Pretty sure I snorted...possibly sharted as well. This is a definitely a no-no in having someone love you...according to "advice" people type and believe.

1. If you need to "catch" anything....please let it not be a person. That would make you creepy as hell and definitely do not catch an STD...that would make you stupid and creepy.
2. If you need to "make" someone love you, you are even more creepy and stupid.
3. If you read this, snorted or are a keeper and prove my point.

You can't "catch" someone. Nor, should you try. You can't "get" someone to love you. Nor, should you try.
You are worth more than that and so is the person you are wanting/needing/obsessing over.

Life is too short to pretend. You love or you don't. Don't spend the rest of your life trying to "keep" something that is not yours. Once you can see people outside of yourself and actually see them...You give the gift of independence. Your man, woman, children are not an extension of you. They are uniquely them. Love them. Appreciate them. Give them freedom.

That is how you feel loved.

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