Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Shop to Send Us!!!!

So many awesome things are happening for Because Every Mother Matters. One of the most exciting is the opportunity to bring 10 women with us. 10 beautiful giving women that desire to pour their hearts into the women we serve. They will be leaving their families to come along side of us. This is such an walk of faith for all of us. Most of us don't have a chunk of money laying around to pay for the trip. We have to fundraise and rely purely on others to believe enough in us and what we're doing to send us. Delicate Fortress is helping us raise the needed funds for these amazing women to come. We will receive 30% of all purchases made in their online store for the week of FEB 1-7th using the coupon code TEAMBEMM at check out. At the end of the week, I will divide equally all money raised to help fund everyone's trip. Check out the store. Get it in time for Valentines Day. Shop to Send Us!!!!! Every purchase not only helps us get closer to going, but supports the survivor of human trafficking. WIN/WIN!!!!!

Delicate Fortress Creations

Joining Forces for the Women of Ethiopia


It's almost here! In just a few short weeks I'll be heading to Ethiopia with Because Every Mother Matters (BEMM) for what promises to be an incredible, life changing experience. Through this trip, I'll be humbled to work alongside women half a world away to bring livelihood and health to their communities. I'm so excited for this wonderful opportunity.

The thing is, it's kind of expensive..... Around $2500 expensive. And not all of us have $2500 laying around. :)

So, all of us participating in the trip have decided to work together to raise the necessary costs and we're partnering with a fantastic organization, Delicate Fortress Creations (DFC) in order to do so!

DFC is a shop with purpose - offering hand made items created by individuals who have escaped human trafficking, modern day slavery, poverty and exploitation. They have beautiful, unique gifts - jewelry, bath and body, handbags, children's items.... You name it, they have it!

From February 1-7th, 30% of all DFC sales utilizing the coupon code "Team BEMM" will go to our team! At the end of the fundraiser, all monies raised will be split evenly amongst our group in order to help offset our travel expenses.

I'm so excited we're partnering with them because it will help us raise the money to defray some of our costs and as we do so, we'll be making a difference in the lives of countless women around the world by purchasing their products. It's a win win deal!

Won't you join us?

Anyone in the United States can participate. Simply go to www.delicatefortress.com, find what you like and put in the coupon code "Team BEMM" at check out. 30% of everything you buy will go to our team!

So, mark those calendars!

Thank you so much for your support in this very important endeavor. It means so much!

Forward to a Friend

Pass it on to your family and friends and make the impact even greater! Anyone with a United States address is welcome to participate!

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Delicate Fortress Creations (DFC) is a Shop with Purpose store where you can fight human trafficking, modern day slavery, poverty and child exploitation with every purchase. We support over 25 different non-profits and small businesses who are reaching out to help those effected by these crises with opportunities for education, rehabilitation and vocational training.

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